El Santo (a mi manera)

This is Luis Alberto San Andrés musical page


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(May 23, 2011 – ultima revision)









A remake of the Roca Azul Favorites – All lyrics by Luis


A traditional from when the cumbia was still slow


Ahhh La Republica Dominicana


El lucia in tenebris lvcit (Lvcia alumbra mis tinieblas)

Hecho trapo

Isabel, Canela y miel (Estoy hecho trapo)

Llegar a los 50

Turning 50 was one thing. Now going onto 60! The original mixed with Roca Azul flavor

Mas o menos

Mas mal que bien, va de mas a menos


Blues for the depressed. VOTED #1 HIT

Mona distraida

For the inattentive youngster – too far to reach


For my better half, the only one

El Raton

A rumba, the best song of Cheo Feliciano

Pais Tropical

The way I see my country, so special.

Tiempo al canto

Time to sing, it is what I need

Carinio Mio

The 2009 best feeling song award. for that special one, too young to name, so sweet to dream of. Mixed by Coco leon just before the Singapore adventure

Vienes y te Vas

A remix from a Roca Azul song – performed at Stafford, TX in July 10. A William Luna song





Folk Songs


La Partida

A classic song from Venezuela – My first stab at a solo recording

Ireme Pues

A traditional song from Argentina, feel the immigrant sense of  isolation

La rotonda

A traditional song from Bolivia – the haunting sound of the Puna and lost love

Mi cochabambinita

Another Bolivian song – one of my all time favorites, love never forgotten


A song from Chile – very unusual sounds of tall trees

Arpa Banda

A medley of a Peru & Ecuador traditional Harp songs

Papel de Plata

An old time favorite – very popular in the 70s

Mama Criso

A crying (lament) from Bolivia – The torments of isolation in the highlands (puna)



Recorded and mixed at the Virú room by yours truly – September-December 2010. College Station, TX


Luis plays all instruments and yells.


Featured Instruments  are

Zamponias (panflutes), charango (armadillo shell guitar), mandolin, tiple (12 string guitar), acoustic and electric bass, acoustic guitar + percussion: rainstick, maracas, congas and bongos, bombo leguero, sticks, Peruvian box (cajon) + kalimba (Africa) + electronic keyboard


Thanks to my muZe for the inspiration and encouragement. IAMU.


Band members




Guitar & bass        percussion        lead singer           keyboard     panflutes & charango



Band sections



Guitars & bass, panflutes         Percussion section



Strings section                              Ba(n)d director (Viru room)
(cuatro, charango, mandolins)



Luis’ (soon to be) permanent address



Links to other bands Luis plays


Roca Azul The Dinosaurs’s Band (2002-2010)

Virú The Andean Folk band (2002-2007)


Inkansables The all ages band playing at Stafford Theater – July 2010


My Youtube channel


My friends music: Coco,  Maestro y Jefe, Bondel

(the best Latin rock ever)


Reactions to the music






Luis circa 1977